Threader 925 Sterling Silver Ball Bead Earrings

  • £24.99

Small ball beads are suspended on the end of long curved silver tubes in this unusual design.

Now here comes the interesting part - the earrings are attached with long silver sticks that are fastened to the top half of the earrings and slide into the silver tubes. Difficult to describe, but simply stunning when worn, you can wear them from the back to the front or the front to the back, with the ball beads hanging outwards or inwards..whichever way, they're sure to be noticed.

These stylish earrings are supplied in a gift pouch. Take a look in our store for more fabulous exclusive sterling silver designs that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Dimensions: 5.7cm long and the beads are 6mm wide
Weight: 6g

Hallmark: 925

SKU: EA864