International Love Your Pet Day

On the 20th February we celebrate International Love Your Pet day. It's one very special day to celebrate the thing that unites us all, the love we feel for our very unique pets. 

Here at The Mexican Collection we love our pets so much we even have an entire category dedicated to our animal companions.

An extra special day for you and your pet

Which gives us all the more reason to celebrate International Love Your Pet Day on the 20th February.

This special day is the perfect opportunity to give some extra attention and love to the pet or pets in your home.

Whether they have four legs, scales, hooves, fins, paws, tentacles or claws our special pets are sure to appreciate the extra attention they receive on this day dedicated especially to them.  

Enjoy some quality time with your dog

We could all do with a reminder of the importance of letting our pets know how special they are to us.

After all having a pet is proven to reduce anxiety and stress. Giving them love lowers our blood pressure and depending on the size of your pet they can increase the opportunities to get out into the fresh air and exercise. 

At the most basic our pets keep us company and make us laugh so let’s show them our heartfelt appreciation.

Why not pamper your dog or cat with their favourite treat or an extra-long grooming session.

Take a long walk together

Share the love on social media with a picture of your pampered pet.

Or why not sit down with your pet and watch a video with them full of cats, dogs, birds or whatever keeps them entertained.

You could also take your pet out to do their favourite activity, no matter how muddy they get! It could be a long walk or a short scramble, just spend some time together to show how much you love your pet.

Whether your pet is as small as an ant or as large as a llama, they are sure to appreciate the special time with you whatever you choose to do together.

Give your guinea pig an extra cuddle

On a more practical note it's the perfect time to check that your pet is up to date on their vaccines. Or to give their bed or special sleeping place a quick spring clean. 

Whatever you decide to do on International Love Your Pet Day just have fun celebrating and showing your household pet how much you adore them and appreciate the value that they add to your everyday life.

Take time to see how amazing your pet is and how happy they are after receiving extra special attention from you. There are no bad days when you come home to the love of a pet!