About Us

The Mexican Collection started fifteen years ago with a ruck sack of silver and a project to fund a trip around the beaches of Mexico. The demand for hand-wrought jewellery of the highest quality is universal and after several trips to the incredible ‘pueblo magico’ of Taxco we developed a loyal base of customers. We spent time with silversmiths in Taxco learning the techniques for manipulating silver into an endless variety of shapes and finishes and how the essentials of the design process work.

Don Tomas in his workshop at the Spratling Ranch


After returning home from our travels we were still contacted by our previous customers and decided to start an online business dedicated to promoting the beauty of Mexican jewellery design as well as the passion and dedication we witnessed from the silversmiths of Taxco. What started as a passionate hobby has blossomed into a truly satisfying career in the jewellery industry.

We still travel regularly to Mexico to meet our silversmiths and commission individual designs for The Mexican Collection as well as our parent company Equestrian Silver Limited that specialises in equestrian jewellery designs.

The many colours of Taxco


We work directly with our silversmiths and are able to keep our prices competitive with few overheads by selling exclusively online (both retail and wholesale). We introduce new designs throughout the year and are always open to suggestions and comments from you, our customers.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we enjoy selling to you.

Santa Prisca, Taxco