Guillermo Arregui Mexican Jewellery


      Like many of his contemporary jewellery designers in Taxco, Mexico Guillermo Arregui hails from a different part of the world altogether. Namely Spain, from where he travelled at a young age and finally found his calling in Mexico.

      Guillermo trained for many years under a master silversmith in Taxco before realising his dream to develop his own brand and design identity. Whether you buy a delicate pair of copper and silver stud earrings, a sturdy hand-hammered choker, an antiqued cocktail ring or a large copper huggie the attention to detail and master craftsmanship are always evident.

      There is no better contemporary designer in copper and sterling silver than Guillermo Arregui and our multiple repeat customers for his jewellery are testament to the quality of his work and the uniqueness of his designs. 

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